Shipping Fees

The shipping is free of charge for any items you choose at JUST BECAUSE.

However, depending on the country of delivery, there might be administration fees or taxes that will be charged. These charges are based on your countries regulations.

For deliveries to non-EU countries, additional duties, taxes and fees may apply.

If you order over the Internet abroad, please note the following:

  • The foreign VAT (mostly) does not have to be paid
  • The Swiss VAT (8% or 2.5%) will be added, but amounts below 5 CHF will not be collected, i.e.:
    • with 8% VAT (e.g. for CDs, clothes etc.) you can buy up to 62,50 CHF without the Swiss VAT being charged.
    • with 2,5% VAT (e.g. for books, medicines, food) you can even order up to 200,- CHF value of goods
    • (more about the Swiss VAT you can find out at the Swiss Federal Tax Administration)